Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge ss Case 63mm -60~100 kpa

Customized service, MOQ:100pcs

These instruments are used to monitor SF6 gas density in sealed tanks. They are applied to indicate gas density. They are designed to monitor Medium Voltage systems.

Brand: Huifeng or customer brand
Application: Gas density indicator, gas insulated system, high voltage technology
Instrument type: Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Case: 2.5"(63mm), stainless steel
Socket: SS, customized
Lens: Polycarbonate
Ring: SS, bayonet bezel
Pointer: Aluminum, black
Dial: 3 Color, customized
Accuracy: 1.6% of full scale value at 20℃
Function: Compound range
Range: -60...100 kpa
Leakage rate: ≤1 × 10-9 Pa·m3/s (Helium leakage inspection)
Enclosure Rating: IP65
SF6 pressure gauge