Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge ss Case 50mm 1.8 Mpa 3.8 Mpa

Customized service, MOQ:1000pcs

The gauges provide a visual display of the pressure readings, allowing the technician to determine if the system is operating within the proper range. This information is important for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues with the system, as well as for ensuring that the refrigerant levels are correct.

Brand: Huifeng or customer brand
Industrial sector: HVAC, refrigeration compressor
Instrument type: Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Conformity: EN837
Case: 50mm, 304 ss
Lens: Polycarbonate
Pointer: Aluminum, black
Dial: Customized 
Bourdon Tube: Phosphor bronze
Socket: Brass
Connection: Back, 1/4" NPT
Fill Liquid: Glycerin (silicone oil optional)
Fill Plug: Buna N (silicone rubber optional)
Lens Ring Gasket: Buna N (silicone rubber optional)
Accuracy: 1.6% of full scale value
Range: 0~1.8 Mpa, 0~3.8 Mpa
Function: Vibration resistance
Working pressure: 75% of full scale value
Bourdon tube pressure gauge