Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge ss Case 40mm 0~100 psi

Customized service, MOQ:500pcs

This gauge helps to identify any potential issues with the fuel system, such as a malfunctioning fuel pump. By monitoring the fuel pressure, it allows for early detection of problems, which can help prevent engine damage and improve overall performance.

Brand: Huifeng or customer brand
Application: Fuel regulator, vehicles
Instrument type: Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Case: 40mm, 304ss, crimped ring
Lens: Polycarbonate
Pointer: Aluminum, pink
Dial: Customized 
Socket: Brass
Connection: 1/4"NPT, back
Accuracy: 2.5% of full scale value
Function: Vibration resistance, waterproof
Material: Electroplated steel case and copper alloy socket
Range: 0...100 psi
Working pressure: 75% of FSV
Bourdon tube pressure gauge