Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge Steel Case 63mm 60 bar

Customized service, MOQ: 1000pcs

nitrogen testing pressure gauge

Brand: Huifeng or customer brand
Application: HVAC, refrigeration, nitrogen testing
Instrument type: Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Accuracy: 1.6% of FSV
Case: Steel, painted black
Bourdon tube: Phosphor bronze
Socket: Brass, 1/4”NPT
Lens: Acrylics, snap-in
Pointer: Aluminum, anodized black, adjustable red pointer
Dial: Customized
Accessories: Rubber boots
Function: Vibration resistance (flutterless movement)
Range: -1~60 bar
Working pressure: 75% of full scale value
Process Temperature: -40°F to 158°F (-40°C to 70°C)